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Musings, Reflections and Random Moments in Sulimanayah

1.  Heat. It’s hot now.  Every day is really, really hot.  The actual, reported, official temperature during the summer here, like in the UAE, is not accurate; it’s always underreported.  The reported temperature at the moment (10:30 am) in Suli … Continue reading

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Fairy Ring and Early Morning Encounters

This morning on my just-after-dawn walk, as I was taking a photo of an interesting house to add to my collection of Kurdish house photos, the gate to the house I had in my sights suddenly opened and out stepped … Continue reading

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Forgot to say I’m staying…

And I only realized this from confusing comments from friends back home and students here.  Sorry, I have a tendency to forget to inform people when I’ve actually made a decision that I’ve been prevaricating over; once I’ve made the … Continue reading

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Recovery and Update on …. whatever it was

So, just thought I’d better update people as a number of you became quite concerned after my last post, with its mention of appendicitis (something I’d previously known exactly nothing about). It ended up being a tiring, challenging, stressful and scary … Continue reading

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In which fave chicken place leads me to VIP hospital treatment

….with a few not so fun bits in between, but hey! that’s life. Friend Jason, who I worked with in COB Speicher (1 km. from Tikrit, in Iraq), came for a visit, really to see his former students from Erbil … Continue reading

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Nawroz and Jli Kurdi (3 months ago)

Yep, another after-the-fact posting.  Life was busy…trying to catch up on recording some of my activities now:). Nawroz is the Kurdish New Year and is held on the 1st day of spring; for anyone interested in learning a bit more … Continue reading

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Springtime Picnic in the Mountains!

The Kurds, (like the Gulf Arabs) here in Kurdistan anyway, seem to be mad for picnicking, and as soon as the warmer spring weather arrives, people from the cities make for one of the many beautiful spots in the mountains … Continue reading

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