Fairy Ring and Early Morning Encounters

This morning on my just-after-dawn walk, as I was taking a photo of an interesting house to add to my collection of Kurdish house photos, the gate to the house I had in my sights suddenly opened and out stepped a rather large Peshmerga who frowned suspiciously at me.  I smiled at him to show him that I meant no harm but he wasn’t having it and just continued to stare at me.  Not quite sure what he thought I might be up to but I decided to cross the street, put my camera away and mosey along.

As I walked down the other side of the street, I noticed through some trees something that looked like a fairy ring.

ImageIntrigued, I went over to investigate and found that, sure enough, it was!  Only, instead of a circle of mushrooms, this was a circle of lovely flowers, including some gorgeous wild roses.

ImageFrom this angle you can better see the circle…

ImageNo fairies themselves to be seen (I looked) but I wondered if they, too, might be avoiding the wary Peshmerga.

I went on my way up to the end of that street and, when I looked back, the Peshmerga was still standing in front of the same house, watching me.  Interesting.  I so wonder who  lives in that house now.

Other than the Peshmerga, the only other beings I came across were an old man and his chicken sitting in a park, an old woman tending her grapes and a lone, and rare in these parts, kitty who, like all the kitties here, was too nervous of people to come to me when I called and mrrowed to it… beg though I might (and I am shameless in this).

ImageI don’t have a shot of the old lady but, here are her tempting grapes!


Nor do I have a shot of the old man, just this one of his chicken who had decided to leave the park and go home? for a walk?  Not sure, but like the cat, it wasn’t going to visit with the likes of me.

ImageOh my, doesn’t its body language just speak volumes?  “Look weirdo, are you going to follow me all day making those ridiculous noises? Some of us have business to attend to”  Reluctantly, I left the poor thing alone.

I had better luck being received in a friendly fashion today with the local flora; at least I think so.  Hard to tell I suppose since they can’t actually run away from me.  Anyway, here are some pretty specimens:

Image ImageImageImageImageUntil next time… thanks for checking in!


About maurdian

I am a nomadic ESL teacher who, not surprisingly, travels and teaches English, largely at the same time.
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8 Responses to Fairy Ring and Early Morning Encounters

  1. Ken says:

    That circle is so perfect, it is hard to believe it is natural. Perhaps fairies indeed! Wonder what else could cause them to grow like that?

  2. Maria says:

    Hmm, I wondered why the chicken crossed the road?

  3. Diana Bouey says:

    Loved the story telling, I was right there with you. Sometimes i prefer the company of chickens, cats and fairies to you know, those other annoying creatures. I personally spent the night with a skunks company, Careful avoidance of each other.

  4. Anna Bouey says:

    Sometimes ya just gotta chill with the flowers. Sometimes things are only for observing.

  5. maurdian says:

    I couldn’t agree more, FC 🙂

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