Forgot to say I’m staying…

And I only realized this from confusing comments from friends back home and students here.  Sorry, I have a tendency to forget to inform people when I’ve actually made a decision that I’ve been prevaricating over; once I’ve made the decision, my mind is then done with that and on to the next thing and the next thing and…..

So, for those of you who don’t know, I have signed a one-year contract with my current employer and will be right here in Sulimanayah for the next year.  Part of it is I just didn’t want the upheaval of moving again when I’ve just kind of settled in a bit.  I love my apartment and my view brings me endless pleasure: from my bedroom window one day last week:


But, more than than, and most of all, it’s the people here.  I feel like I’ve barely begun to know them and know their culture and I want to.  My small encounters in public with the locals (the bazaar, taxi drivers, random strangers who do kind acts and, of course, my recent positive experience with the medical system) have been just taste-testers and teasers and I want more.  I feel like I only just barely began to know some of my students and would love to know some of them more.

It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve been and, despite a number of restrictions that I could find difficult (I’ve decided not to), there are so many lovely things to appreciate about the people and the culture – including a delightful sort of ‘innocence’ – that I just want to be here and allow the discovery and serendipity to continue.

Unfortunately, I don’t get much of a break.  Although the KRG program is over, I still have a couple of IELTS classes to teach Sunday and Monday.  Then a break until the following Sunday, July 14th when the new ESL classes begin.  Hopefully I’ll just have one class which will mean just 3 days a week; fingers crossed for that because I’m tired and need a bit of a rest.

And now…some random photos!

Favourite fresh juice stand.

Favourite fresh juice stand in the bazaar.

The super moon

The super moon – I know there have been many better captures but, this is mine from up Azmir Mountain.


Jason, wandering in the bazaar

Jason, wandering in the bazaar

And, that’s it for today!


About maurdian

I am a nomadic ESL teacher who, not surprisingly, travels and teaches English, largely at the same time.
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2 Responses to Forgot to say I’m staying…

  1. ourmerrybee says:

    That’s a lovely photo of the mountains from your window!

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