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GSOs out – Pilots in

So, finally, after 3 weeks of waiting, the GSO cadets left the base. Before that happened, there was a lot more stress, partly caused by numerous assurances from the Iraqi leadership about ‘tomorrow’ (all the while the cadets knowing full … Continue reading

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A Morning in the Life of an English Teacher in Iraq

Yesterday – Saturday, May 14 4:30 am:  Roommate wakes up, turns the light on and makes coffee for herself.  Once awake, I realize nature is calling so I get up and stagger outside to the latrine in the thick, opaque … Continue reading

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In Which the Students Move the School

May 1 So we arrive at work this morning at 8 o’clock, under the illusion that it’s just another day.  The same three of us who always go outside behind the office/trailer with our toothbrush and a bottle of water … Continue reading

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Finally…. Teaching!

Teaching in Speicher I found a story about our school and our cadets on the Internet; if you’re interested, check it out: In it, Captains Dorsson and Martinez (the one who picked us up from the helicopter) are both … Continue reading

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To Hell or to Taji

A Week in Taji Although Carlee, Jason and I had been manifested on a connecting 4am flight to Speicher the same evening we were to arrive in Taji, we wound up spending a week there. Our flight was cancelled and … Continue reading

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